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And as these pictures by photographer Vicki Miller show, the young men and women were not shy in coming forward to pose in the beautiful surroundings of the Australian countryside.

But a new book claims that US soldiers raped up to 190,000 women at the end of World War II. The men pulled them out and threw them onto two beds. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of German women experienced a similar fate at the time.In particular, though, her views on the behavior of American GIs are likely to raise eyebrows.Gebhardt believes that members of the US military raped as many as 190,000 German women by the time West Germany regained sovereignty in 1955, with most of the assaults taking place in the months immediately following the US invasion of Nazi Germany.There are some amazing shots, the parade of the candidates all holding a little white balloon and he two officers opening the cortege.But the most remarkable views are those of fully clothed overweight middle class males making snapshots at maximum speed without (I presume) caring for background or composition.The author bases her claims in large part on reports kept by Bavarian priests in the summer of 1945.


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