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Most producer-based albums suffer from guest overload, and certainly Handsome Boy has a challenge in juggling over 25 different cameos, ranging from Del Tha Funkee Homosapien to Barrington Levy to Pharrell Williams to Cat Power to John Oates to… you get the idea.Yet they thrown down with such creative aplomb that you're just thankful to have a ticket for the ride. ) : Yo, to impwess you to take you out on a perfect womantic date, My idea for that is…

Hmm reflective imagery burnt into the cornea of inter-dimensional trans-global marketing schemes Loop dreams culminating of horizontal poetry, Intertwining sheet music epic in propertion, Dramatic implosions, inclusive of the mases, I get Metaphysical It's a good day... ) Watch the green van cause inside's the dicks The prayer beads bleeds from the crucifix Went tight comin out boy I be down in six Or when the sun go down, or when it's round in the BX (? ) Bums on the street often ask me for change What's change when I'm tryin to save up for the Range? Yeah a lot of times, I’ll admit it, it’s not easy being handsome Being a model, being a graduate even of the Handsome Boy Modeling School. Can’t get into the restrooms then they say, “You walk so slow this time, you, steps, uh, too tiny.” This what they say, “Tiny steps.” Well yes, tiny steps, you eh walk with your legs crossed together tiny steps if you couldn’t get into the restroom! I said, “Let me go in last." If, for instance, there is some, eh, problem, you know, on the stage, If…

(Metaphysical, oh yeah, good day, good day) (Miho H A T O R to the I, Miho Hatori, Uh Uh Uh Uh ) (It's a good day) (Damn it was a good day) (Page is still rolling up)Look at this face, what do you see? I want the whole world and my old girl back Change that -- I want half the world, and fuck my old girl You can play the hell out, like those that came before ya Your style is butt, similar to a cobra That's your pimp strut But what you foes is really doin Is leaving your empire in ruins I'm the problem solver I got the brand new revolver But I got a new album too I want to be here for that money and the rest of my crew Yall know it's true-- a nigga like me is due Just an old fashioned love song, playin on the radio Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you (2x) Now you know I gots to come back strong See I been doing this too goddamned long For me to ever try to come back wrong Check my pockets and my empty light just came on Don't wanna do wrong so I think I'm best to make this song Undeniably satisfiably master microphone mutilator None greater, ain't no Automator Grand Puba and Dattie, riding shotty in the Mazarati As we come and blaze you with this body Corner poets get smacked and hit, savagely bit I go git and then you out of it, permission to quit I mean right, I keep the green light specials Half price a slice, you blink twice I done picked up the dice I'm that nice, Dattie X the party-starter Number one heart-ripper-aparter More vice and gambling than Las Vegas, Nevada I try harder every day It's all work and no play Just an old fashioned love song, playin on the radio Brand Nubian cats, here to flip one for you (2x)[Roisin Murphy] Go ...

Go to the mountain if you must Go to the burning bush Happy would ease your troubled mind How do the fade just stay behind? ] Bear Witness (Yo) Holy Calamity Scream insanity All you ever gonna be's another great fan of me ..

When people say there's a lot of cameo artists in this album they MEAN IT! After listening to the CD I must say this is definately how hiphop should be always produced.

I was looking up Kid Koala stuff and the name of this all-star duo just caught my attention.


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