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But looking back now, I’m shocked at just how credulous I was about reality television.Unlike many of my fellow islanders, I had no interest in fame.If you are not maybe we are meant to be because you set a standard in me that no-one has been able to reach.I write this because its the truth and im sure you wont see it but i still love you and as ive grown up into the fabulous woman that i am i regret not knowing then what i know now.The challenges, which involved mastering basic survival skills and being a useful member of a close-knit ‘tribe’ while competing against another team, looked amazing fun.

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It featured two teams competing with each other for new members, with the largest team winning a cash prize at the end.I wanted to be on Shipwrecked because I love travel, and being chosen meant a free holiday in the idyllic Cook Islands during the British winter.I had watched the previous series and became addicted to it.Shipwrecked was a British reality television programme that aired on Channel 4's now defunct youth programming brand, T4 between 20.The original version ran for three series from 9 January 2000 to 19 December 2001 and was constructed as a social experiment, without a competitive format or prize.Love Lydia Message Number: 16461 / Date Posted: 12/08/2009 MACARTHUR, JOHN HANLIN from UNKNOWN is being searched for by STEPHANIE CAMPBELL from DINGWALL Heylo, i am looking for my biological father. the last time i seen i was almost 2, i am 20 now, i would like to find him.


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